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The Protection Order or Restraining Order

A protection order, also called a restraining order or domestic violence interdict, is a court order that tells an abuser to stop the abuse and put certain conditions to prevent the abuser from harassing or abusing, emotionally or in any other way, the victim again. It may also help to ensure that the abuser continues to fulfill his or her household duties like financial support e.g. to pay rent or a bond or to buy food etc. The protection order may also prevent the abuser from getting help from any other person to commit the abusive acts.

Victims also have the right to bring a criminal charge against their abusers in addition to obtaining a protection order if the act of domestic violence contained an element of violence, because this is a criminal offence. Victims may also get a court order to have the abuser’s dangerous weapon taken by the police as well e.g. knife, Isagila, Umkhonto, Gun etc.