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A Parenting Plan
A Parenting Plan
 It is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their child since they are not together anymore and usually there is conflict involved due to a break up of a previously trustful relationship or marriage. 
The parenting plan , according to the Children’s Act,  lays emphasis on the parental right and responsibility of both parents regarding the care and contact of the child and to have input in the major decisions regarding the child’s future, as well as the pivotal daily decisions pertaining to the care, contact, welfare, and personal development of the child. 
By law, parents are obliged to confer and cooperate, on mostly all important decisions, including those pertaining to living arrangements, namely, health, education, financial obligations, legal matters and discipline therefore a parenting plan should reflect the interests and the needs of the child by addressing the following:
How decisions about the child are made, How information is shared between parents, When each parent will spend time with the child, How conflict between parents will be resolved,  How other parenting issues may be addressed etc.